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Top 10 Election and Campaign Management Solution Companies - 2020

Technological invasion has deeply impacted every sector and vertical worldwide, politics being no exception. From organizing rallies to influencing people’s minds to conducting virtual campaigns through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, election, and campaigning has reached new dimensions. To that end, the use of sophisticated tools and techniques during each election cycle, also popularly called the “computational politics,” is becoming the standard procedure for election campaigns. To that end, acting as the all-in-one management tool, political campaign software is gaining momentum.

Not only do these software help agencies eliminate and streamline administrative tasks, but they also allow them to save time and money. Again, embedded with sophisticated technologies like AI, IoT, big data, machine learning, and more, the robust software improves voter communication through automated invoices, e-mails, and letters. Also, political campaign software helps agency donors to sign-up for online events and maintain a full-contact database that is easy to search, filter, and update. All in all, digitizing the entire election and campaign process is helping political agencies maintain a coherent interaction with the technologically-advanced population.

In the wake of such drastic transitions, we have compiled this issue of Govt CIO Outlook in order to assist organizations in the task of finding accomplished solution providers to help them navigate the complex election and campaign management realm. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 election and campaign management solution providers 2020 to highlight the enterprises that can escalate the chances of your growth. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these enlisted solution providers are transforming the election and campaign management landscape at the cloverleaf of various disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine comprises insights from subject-matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs in the election and campaign management sector on the latest industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and highlights their expertise. We hope this issue of Govt CIO Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster an environment driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Govt CIO Outlook’s, “Top 10 Election and Campaign Management Solution Providers - 2020.”

    Top Election and Campaign Management Solution Companies

  • Ballottrax offers the world’s first complete mail ballot locator and notification system. It is a patent-pending solution that tracks the status of every mail-in ballot. It sends a series of proactive alerts to voters notifying them where their ballot is in the election process, right from the moment of being printed to being accepted. Adjacently, the election office gains complete visibility as well. The officials can view on a simple dashboard screen where the ballots are at each stage, which helps them in planning and coordinating between the resources of volunteers and election workers accordingly

  • Fluence Automation designs, builds, and supports solutions that make managing mailed ballots easier and optimize the workflow. Besides automating signature verification, these solutions can automate inline envelope opening and privacy tab removal, verify envelopes and ballots, capture multiple data points for audit tracking, and digitize envelopes and signatures. The company draws on its rich automation technology expertise for sortation, process automation, image processing, print and apply labeling, sortation software, and integration services. Fluence Automation also brings affordable, practical solutions based on its advanced sorting platforms, that solve many of the most difficult mail ballot processing challenges

  • Survey & Ballot Systems

    Survey & Ballot Systems

    Since 1990, Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) works with the world’s top associations, cooperatives, and member-based organizations to plan and manage election needs. One principal objective of SBS’s employees was to help customers solve their data collection needs through innovative solutions. During their tenure as an election services company, they’ve continued to expand their expertise and knowledge, evolving to support and utilize election technology advancements. Integrity is a core value of how the company conducts business and manages elections while offering clients various products that align with their needs. From client self-administration online elections to full-service elections, the result is a high-end election

  • ComplySci


    ComplySci is a leading provider of technology solutions that help compliance organizations identify, monitor, manage and report on conflicts of interest arising from employee activities, including personal trading, gifts and entertainment, political contributions, outside business affiliations, and other code of ethics violations. Founded in 2003 by early pioneers in the development of automated compliance management solutions, the company is now trusted by over 1,000 customers, including some of the world’s largest financial institutions. Compliance Officers rely on ComplySci’s scalable and sophisticated platform to stay ahead of risk

  • CyberSWIFT


    CyberSWIFT is an IT services company based in Columbus, Ohio. Backed with over 20 years of experience, the company can help build custom-tailored software for all clients' needs. CyberSWIFT can craft the ideal means to make more informed business decisions using location-based data. If 'Buy' is a better option for client solution than 'Build', they can help you find the right platforms and industry tools needed. If those tools fall short, their GIS experts can help customize a solution to fill those gaps and get clients the location-based information and map-based tools they need

  • EasyVote Solutions

    EasyVote Solutions

    EasyVote Solutions, based in Atlanta, GA, is a leading provider of election management software to election offices across the United States. In cooperation with city, county, and state elections offices across the United States, the company ensures that their products give the features that elections offices require, based on state-of-the-art technology, and providing responsive and helpful customer support. The EasyVote Election Management platform, with over 150 customers in 10 states and the District of Columbia, helps streamline election processes through six modules, which can be purchased separately or as a group: EasyFocus, EasyPollWorker, EasyInventory, EasyCampaignFinance, EasyAbsentee, Voter Services Mobile App

  • Election Systems

    Election Systems

    For nearly 40 years, Election Systems & Software has helped election officials run successful and secure elections. Today, their products and solutions continue to capture accurate voter intent, reduce waste, improve accessibility, and protect elections from outside. ES&S takes great pride in its opportunity to support clients with their election administration needs. The company assigns teams of passionate, knowledgeable, and talented election professionals to support the management of the elections. These individuals work diligently to help achieve a shared mission of maintaining voter confidence and enhancing the voting experience. They provide their customers with trusted, quality, and timely election services and products

  • GovPredict


    GovPredict treats each client as a unique organization and work with them to select and customize exactly the right set of products for them. The SaaS platform gives government affairs and political professionals access to millions of structured documents that concern federal politics, state politics, and local politics, as well as campaign contributions. An integrated grassroots platform supports advocacy campaigns to influence legislative and regulatory proposals. The company brings all of the most critical solutions together into a single platform for government affairs, so clients can focus all of their time on what matters

  • Hart InterCivic

    Hart InterCivic

    Hart InterCivic is a full-service election solutions innovator, partnering with state and local governments to deliver secure, accurate, and reliable elections. Founded in 1912, Hart now serves more than 30 million registered voters in more than 800 jurisdictions across 18 states. Customers include the entire states of Hawaii and Oklahoma and two of the five largest counties in the U.S., as well as a dominant share of Texas’ 254 counties. Hart is noted in the elections industry for extraordinary service, which accounts for its high customer satisfaction rates and industry-leading customer loyalty scores

  • Phone2Action


    Phone2Action is a comprehensive digital engagement and communications platform for grassroots advocacy, public affairs, and government relations. Their innovative, user-friendly tools make government participation accessible in the digital age. The company empowers organizations and individuals through the most effective tools to reach and engage supporters, enabling them to take action on issues important to them by building cutting-edge technology applications, staying abreast of the trends in technology, human behavior, change, and social advocacy and providing excellent customer support to customers' needs. To date, their clients have created more than 22,000 grassroots advocacy campaigns that have driven more than 45 million connections with lawmakers